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The time has come for us to ask for your help! To all our valued guests, team members, and the community at large: Mountasia is in danger of permanently closing because we have not been given permission to reopen any part of our business. 

If you loved Mountasia as a child, or as a parent, loved taking your children to Mountasia to celebrate small victories or big milestones, were one of the hundreds of non-profit organizations that received donations in tickets or dollars, worked for one of the amazing company’s that hosted corporate picnics or team building meetings with us, are a community member committed to keeping small businesses alive, or are a former employee who learned so much from your very first job, we ask for your help today.

Some facts to consider: 

  • All but 2 of our amazing and highly valuable team members have been laid off (many of whom have families to support)
  • We have been closed for over 4 months 
  • We have lost our most profitable sales months
  • Our business has been unfairly targeted as “inherently unsafe” while other businesses with a far lesser ability to meet or exceed safe operational guidelines set forth by the County have been permitted to reopen 
  • Mountasia has already installed Plexiglas barriers at points of contact between team members and guests, has social-distancing floor demarcation stickers, has the best available sanitizers/disinfectants, and is ready to reopen on a piece-meal basis until being allowed to resume full attraction operations

If MOUNTASIA permanently closes:

  • The community loses!
  • No more fun family outings.
  • No more birthday parties.
  • No more date nights.
  • No more school fundraising events or graduation celebrations.
  • No more filming.
  • No more corporate outings.
  • No more tax revenue.
  • A 7-acre property will sit vacant. 
  • Thousands of first-time workers will not have the opportunity to learn valuable skills by working at Mountasia!  

Please visit our GoFundMe page here



Mountasia Family Fun Center is TEMPORARILY closed.

If you need health-related information, please visit the Department of Health here and the CDC here.

Q: When will Mountasia reopen?
A: As soon as possible directed by federal, state, and local government approval. 

Q: Are you still taking reservations for future dates for parties, events, and field trips?  
A: YES! Please email us at:

Q: What measures has Mountasia taken in response to Covid-19?
A: Our cleaning protocols now include the use of a QUAT disinfectant which has proven successful in fighting bacterial and viral germs.

Q: Is Mountasia doing anything during the closure?
A: YES! We have cleaned and disinfected our building from top to bottom, purchased new Video Games, redesigned our Arcade, and repainted. We have already removed all indoor carpeting and now have beautiful stained and polished concrete floors! We also have plexiglass barriers at our POS transaction stations, and social-distancing floor demarcation stickers. 

Q: Will Mountasia serve food and drinks when you reopen?
A: YES! As soon as we can. We are also excited to announce we are in the process of obtaining our Beer and Wine License and unveiling our Perky’s Pizza Kitchen restaurant concept.