Admission & Fees

Is there an admission fee to enter Mountasia?

Except during special events (which we post in advance), there is no admission fee. You pay as you go for what you want to play.

Do you charge for parents to watch their kids?

No! We are happy you are here supervising your children.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Also, if you have “cash value” on your Mountasia Play Card, you may use that to pay for attractions and menu items at Boardwalk Grille.

Do you take checks?

Only from organizations that have reserved a visit with us. Personal checks are not accepted.

Do you have an ATM?

Yes. It is located inside our building. There is a $3.00 service charge for use.

What does it cost to park at Mountasia?

We do not charge for parking.

Do you offer group rates?

Any of our party packages are suitable for groups.

What is a Mountasia Play Card?

You can earn rewards with your registered play card. It functions just like a credit card but for Mountasia attractions only. Play Cards replace tickets. This card is reloadable, so once you buy it, keep it forever.

Should I keep my play card?

YES! It is reusable and reloadable. And if you register your card you will earn bonus rewards too!

Information contained on our website and in print is subject to change at any time. We make every effort to update information as quickly as possible.

Rides, Games, & Attractions

What if my child is too short to drive a bumper boat or go kart?

As long as they are tall enough to be a passenger, you can drive them provided you meet the requirements: 58″ tall and 18 years old for Go Karts, and 44″ tall and 18 years old for bumper boats. There is no extra cost to you.

As the parent, if I say it is ok for my child to drive even though they are too short, will you let them?

Sorry, no. We are mandated by the manufacturer and the state on our rides and attractions.

What is the difference between video and redemption games?

Redemption games reward you when you win by automatically adding “VIRTUAL prize tickets” to the Mountasia Play Card you used to “play” the game. You use the virtual tickets to purchase a prize at our Redemption Prize Center. Video games are played just for fun or for a high score.

What kind and how many arcade games do you have?

We rotate games in our arcade frequently, so the number of games fluctuates. On average we have 25 Redemption Games, 25 Video Games and another 10-12 Specialty Games.

Which games are video and which are redemption?

Examples of video games are: Aliens Armageddon, Super Bikes 2, Dance Dance Revolution, Boxing, Star Wars, and Guitar Hero. Examples of redemption games are: Big Bass, Skee Ball, Wheel of Fortune, Down the Clown, and Slam-A-Winner.

What batting cages do you have?

We have Softball and Baseball and varying pitches from slow to fast.

How fast do your Go Karts go?

Approximately 15 miles per hour.

Do you get wet on the bumper boats?

During warm weather we have the waterfall and squirt guns on at bumper boats. During those times, it is possible to get wet. However, this is not like a log or rapids ride, where you are likely to get soaked.

Can anyone under the suggested age of 6 play Lazer Tag?

Provided the player is physically large and strong enough to handle the weight of the Lazer vest and they are not afraid of the dark they may be permitted to play.

What kind of shoe is required on Mountasia’s attractions?

The best shoe is a closed-toe athletic style shoe. However, we do permit other footwear with the exception of open-toed or thong footwear to climb the rock wall.

If I purchase an unlimited play package can I share it with someone else?

Sorry, you cannot. The Mountasia Play Card has a built-in security system to prevent this.

If I purchase an unlimited play package and don’t play for the full time, can I use the remaining time at a later date?

The time starts ticking at the first attraction played, so the package will time out after the number of hours purchased.

Can we play outside at night?

Yes! Mountasia’s outdoor attractions are illuminated.

Do I need a Mountasia Play Card?

Yes. All attractions require you to “swipe” the play card in order to play.

Boardwalk Grille Dining Information

Is Boardwalk Grille a full-service restaurant?

Boardwalk Grille, located inside Mountasia Family Fun Center, is a fast-casual concept where you order and pick up your food from the counter and choose a seat on a first come, first served basis in our main dining room.

Does Boardwalk Grille serve food?

Yes! We offer a streamlined menu of guest favorites. We are sure that our fresh ground beef burger, Chickhenn sandwich, salad, or pizza will satisfy your hunger. We pour Coke products and serve delicious handmade Shakes and Malts. Our ice cream desserts are amazing, so save some room!

After we are finished dining, can some of us stay at the tables to save our seats while others go out and play?

Once you have finished eating, we kindly ask you to move to any of the open seating located throughout the fun center and the outdoor patio so other diners have a place to sit.

Can we push tables together and create our own “party area?”

Our dining room layout is designed for friends and families and is not intended for larger groups, so we thank you for not rearranging tables and chairs.

How can my birthday party or group all sit together?

We offer packages to accommodate larger groups which include a table for you and your guests.

May I bring in a birthday cake?

If you have reserved a party package with us you may bring in a shelf-stable cake (no refrigeration or freezing is available so please do not bring in an ice cream cake or a cake with whipped cream). Please remember, we do not permit any other outside food or beverages.

Do you have cakes available for purchase?

Who needs cake? We’ve got delicious ice cream desserts!

Can I bring in food from the outside?

Sorry, we do not permit outside food, drinks, desserts, or candy.

Does Boardwalk Grille take reservations?

Boardwalk Grille is a fast casual restaurant with an open seating concept available on a first come, first served basis. However, if you want to book a Package for a Birthday Party, Group Outing or any other event, we offer packages including food, dessert, and fun with a dedicated seating time and party attendant to set-up, serve, and clean-up.

Can you get food and drinks anywhere else at Mountasia besides Boardwalk Grille?

Yes. Mountasia has multiple vending machines with bottled beverages and snack items.


What is the minimum headcount required to reserve a birthday/group party package?

The minimum for a party package is 10 guests which can be kids or adults.

If we have reserved a party package, can we extend the table time?

Due to the popularity of our parties, we cannot extend the table time. However, there is ample seating indoors and out to accommodate guests after the table time is done.

If we have reserved a party package, can we extend the play time?

The number of play hours in the package is set at 3 hours. Additional attractions may be purchased at their published prices.

What do you charge to cut my cake?

We do not charge a cutting fee.

Can I have a private party at Mountasia?

Yes. For more information, please contact Courtney at (661) 253-4386 extension 0 or

How far in advance should I make a party reservation?

As a rule of thumb, parties should be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance. However, if we have space available, we’ll take your reservation at any time. NOTE: For private events, a much longer lead time is needed.


Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes. We sell Mountasia Play Cards in any denomination.

Do you sell and accept Farrell’s Gift Cards?

The Farrell’s pilot store inside Mountasia Family Fun Center is no longer open and therefore no longer sells or accepts Farrell’s gift cards. They can be used at any of the other Farrell’s locations. Please visit for location information.

Does Mountasia do cash sponsorships?

Yes! Any eligible non-profit may fundraise with us! We donate 50% of Play Card purchases to your organization! You sell a $20 Play Card and keep $10 from each card sold. (Minimum 50 cards.)

Will you donate something to an auction for my child’s school?

Yes. Mountasia is happy to donate services to non-profits. Please go to the “Community” page and click on the “Donations” button and follow the instructions there.

How do I apply for a job at Mountasia Family Fun Center?

Download our employment application by clicking here. After you fill it out, drop it off or mail it in.

If I am from out of town and want to spend the night in the SCV, where should I stay?

Check out our preferred hotel partners here: