Regular Fall Hours

Please see Holiday Hours below!

Monday – Thursday:
Golf, Arcade, Batting Cages & Lickity Split: 12pm-9pm
Attractions: 2pm-9pm

Golf, Arcade, Batting Cages & Lickity Split: 12pm-10pm
Attractions: 2pm-10pm

All Attractions: 10am-11pm
Lickity Split: 11am-11pm

All Attractions & Lickity Split: 11am-9pm

Holiday Hours & Special Events

Monday, October 17th: Closed!
Monday, October 31st, Halloween: Closed! (Available Privately all day)

Private Parties Available
Mountasia offers totally exclusive private events!
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Office Hours


Important Information

*Most attractions have safety requirements so please check.
*Closed-toe shoes are best for all attractions and required for some.

Lickity Split
*Thank you for not bringing outside food/beverages.
*Hungry for a burger, chicken sandwich, or salad? We’ve got it.
*Try a large specialty pizza or a personal size pizza.
*Sweet-tooth satisfaction handled daily.
*Orders are placed, paid, and picked up at the counter.
*Seating is first come, first served.
*We thank you for moving to fun center seating once you’re done.
*Food allergy concerns? We care about your enjoyment and health. But we cannot guarantee that our food items are free of gluten or allergens such as trace amounts of nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, fish/shellfish, or sesame seeds. Please consult a manager on the day of your visit with any concerns.

Attraction Availability
*Please note operating hours of attractions listed to the left.
*We rarely have poor weather, but if we do, some attractions may close.